Bringing premium quality food to the table is not only about enjoying great food, it is also about caring for the people sharing that meal with you and Craig Cook The Natural Butcher's mission is to bring care and good food everywhere in Sydney and what a better way to do it than supporting the local community?

Craig Cook is now a proud supporter of Mr. Perfect - More Than a BBQ local charity and will be catering their regular BBQ encounters to no only support a great cause, but also to share amazing food with the community.

Mr. Perfect was created by Terry Cornick, a Sydney-based father of three young boys, working in the healthcare industry and also battling depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Terry moved from the UK and while his life in Australia on the surface looked ideal (so much that it earned him the title of “Mr Perfect” from his best mate), he realised he was not Mr Perfect.

Mr. Perfect started as an annonymous blog that Terry used to share his journey and after a lifetime of mental challenges, he finally navigated a path to tackle them and found there was something missing in the support he accessed, with a desire that no man be left behind.

Now, Mr. Perfect has become a community organisation connecting men across Australia over a relaxed free BBQ to chat about all things life. However, it's more than just a BBQ, Mr. Perfect also provide quality resources for the good of men's mental health.

Mr. Perfect Football Club

MRP FC was the team born out of the men's mental health charity Mr. Perfect in 2016 based in Belfield, Sydney.
MRP FC is an inclusive football club that welcomes players from all backgrounds and acts as a second family to many players.

Mr. Perfect BBQ catered by Craig Cook The Natural Butcher

Find out how to join a Mr. Perfect BBQ near you or how to start your own BBQ:


Mar 02 2023

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