Introducing Sydney's Best Biltong!

It is the delicious and healthy snack that you can eat anytime of the day and feel good:

✔ Sugar Free
✔ No soy
✔ No gluten
✔ High protein

And now you'll find a huge range of incredible Biltong exclusively at Craig Cook's Sydney Stores! From Traditional Biltong to Traditional Droewors, we are sure you'll find your favourite.

Try some and let us know! 

Exclusive recipe

Air-dried Angus beef Biltong made to a South African recipe passed down three generations. Gluten-free, sugar-free, high-protein snacking. We make our Biltong using only grass-fed and finished beef. It’s cured in salt and malt vinegar, marinated in our blend of spices and air-dried in a purpose built chamber for 72 hours.

full range

• Traditional Droewors (Sausages)
• Spicy Droewors
• Traditional Biltong Snapsticks
• Chilli Biltong Snapsticks
• Wagyu Biltong
• Traditional Biltong
• Peri Peri Biltong

Traditional Droewors (100G)
Traditional Droewors (100G)

Traditional Droewors (100G)