The ability to select, prepare and cook food to restaurant quality in your own home is without a doubt a life style skill that I believe is truly second to none!

Having this extra knowledge and skill not only lifts the quality of life for yourself, friends and family but gives you more control and confidence over your eating habits on a regular basis.

What do I mean by this?

You have the opportunity to create delicious and wholesome meals for yourself and for those around you. But it goes further than that. You have complete control over your portions and you have the opportunities to go about your selecting, preparations and cooking in the most economical manner possible.

My name is Phil Strasser. Attend my Meat, Seafood and Contemporary Australian Cuisine cooking classes and demonstrations. You will learn the culinary skills and techniques to create a life style of quality and wholesome eating at a fraction of the restaurant prices in your own home.

Ever since Chef Phil graduated from TAFE he embarked on his own red meat cooking journey.

It was a journey that led to the completion of his book titled Your Meat Mate.
For the chefs in training, the skills and knowledge to cook red meat to as a perfect state as possible is a very vital component of their culinary career.
There are many reasons why red meat isn’t cooked to perfection as there are reasons why it is. Students’ ability to understand why is where they gain the extra confidence through knowledge, skill and experience. To cook with confidence, knowledge and experience means that they will cook red meat with passion. The beneficiaries are, no doubt the students themselves and, of course the hospitality industry.

Industry standards are high and red meat enthusiasts are more fussy than ever. Your Meat Mate is the go – to – book for the trainee chef who wants to cook red meat to perfection regardless of the cut, the animal and the cookery method. It is the book that they are to refer to before they look at recipe books.

Your Meat Mate is exactly as the name implies, the trainee and qualified chef’s companion and resource for everything that they need to know when it comes to sourcing and cooking red meat to the highest possible standard!



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