Dry Aged Beef

Premium cooking product that is succulent, aromatic and full of flavour

Craig’s legendary dry-aged beef is prepared in the traditional way to provide a premium cooking product that is succulent, aromatic and full of flavour.

After the best quality meat is selected from our own Tova Estate and hand-cut by our master butchers, it is hung next to natural pink salt slabs for up to twenty days in one of our custom-built natural salt block cool-rooms.

This process seals in the juices to enhance the meat’s natural flavours and allows its muscle proteins to slowly break down, increasing its tenderness.

When cooked with the respect it deserves, Craig’s dry-aged beef has a herbaceous and toasty flavour, and having lost up to 8 per cent of its original water content, it will also develop a wonderful crust. 

Premium Cooking

The drying process breaking down the connective tissues creates a highly sort after flavour and tenderness

Timed to perfection

The drying process takes a minimum of 4 weeks to allow connective tissue to begin to break down and soft – delivering a supreme eating experience

More flavour per gram

The drying process can reduce the water content by as much as 25% – this intensifies the flavour of the meat and can represent value for money with the reduced moisture offsetting much of the additional cost per kilogram.