TRUFF Black Truffle Arrabiata Pasta Sauce (482G)

TRUFF Black Truffle Arrabiata Pasta Sauce (482G)

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Iconic flavours of TRUFF with garden-fresh ingredients. This robust red sauce with a delightful spicy finish, inspired by the signature line of TRUFF Hot Sauce made with ripe tomatoes, delicate herbs, black winter truffle and red chilli peppers.

Versatile with a gentle kick of heat. This sauce is perfect for spicy pasta, chicken or eggplant parma, and zippy ratatouille. Just imagine spreading it on a meatball sub or dipping hot garlic breadsticks right into the jar.

Less spicy than our original TRUFF Hot Sauce, the TRUFF Arrabbiata isn’t a full on spice bomb. Instead it delivers just enough of its delicate, wonderfully flavoured heat.