Why Buy From Us? 

In the past we’ve had customers ask us what sets us apart from the rest of the our competitors and why sometimes our prices are a little higher and this is our answer…

The pastures are a mixture of clover and rye, fertilised with organic manure and lime. The finishing paddocks provide a supplement feed of natural hay and water from our deep clear-water bore.


  • Our meat comes from our farms in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, where we know that the animals have been fed well, treated well and given the best life. We believe this produces high quality meat!
  • 2 grading checks - tender - Meat is graded and from selected hand picked. Tenderness guaranteed, aging, increase shrinks - not full of water 28%
  • Our delivery service is second to none, done by our friendly staff that care about our produce and your goods.
  • Each order is quality checked, prepared and double checked before it leaves us.
  • We cryovac all our meats and deliver in cold storage trucks to make sure that the produce gets to you as fresh as it left our farms.
  • We don't use meat that meats stringent quality
  • We don't use meat that is affected by stress or unwanted chemicals on pastures
  • We don't use princess meats
  • We don't use glues
  • We don't use preservatives
  • We don’t use colouring and additives
  • We don't use flour - rice meal only
  • We don't use marinades with gluten or any other additives that may deteriorate
  • All our farm animals are fed natural pastures
  • All our dry ages are naturally in hymanlyan salt rooms
  • Our our poultry is grown naturally in 5 acres fields
  • All our lamb is pasture fed not grain
  • ALL meat is aged for tenderness before being sold - this increases cost because….
  • Our pork is grown naturally in Byron Bay Australia and hand selected to guarantee the best quality and taste
  • Our pork, beef, lamb, poultry is antibiotic hormone free
  • Meat is graded and from selected hand picked
  • Tenderness guaranteed, aging, increase shrinks - not full of water 28%

You can shop with confidence knowing that Craig Cook stands by the quality of each order we deliver. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Buy Premium Quality Meats direct from our farm and delivered to your door.



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