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Skirt Steak with Garlic Vegetables Recipe (Video) - Craig Cook The Natural Butcher

Skirt Steak with Garlic Vegetables Recipe

For the baby capsicum (these can be purchased at Coles)


  • Turn the oven onto 180 degrees C. oil 1 individual baby capsicum and place in the oven (once the oven has reached the correct temperature). Check on the capsicum 10 minutes after you have placed it in the oven. The aim is to achieve a nice brown colour and soften texture. The usual time taken to cook it is 15- 20 minutes.
  • Season approx. 600g – 800g of skirt steak. Skirt steak is a naturally delicious cut and shouldn’t be cook to any more than med – rare (55 degrees C – 65 degrees C). 
  • Crush 3 cloves of garlic
  • Cut 6 mushrooms in to 6 (cut in half and cut each half into 1/3’s)


Now is the time to cook the steak:

Cooking Instruction

  1. Use a non stick fry pan to place on a high heat on the stove
  2. Add vegetable, canola or Cobram extra version olive oil (this has a high smoke point) – enough to coat the base of the pan.
  3. You will know that the oil is hot when you see ripples in it.
  4. Gently place the steak into the pan (away from you).
  5. Cook the first side to a nice brown golden colour.
  6. Turn over to do the same.
  7. Once the second side is also a nice brown golden colour, turn down the heat.
  8. Using a digital thermometer monitor the heat rising in the meat by probing in different parts of the meat. Once the meat has reached 55 – 65 degrees C remove from the heat and let rest.
  9. While the meat is resting, using the same pan, turn up the heat.
  10. Add more oil.
  11. Add the mushrooms.
  12. Using a wooden spoon gently toss the mushrooms while adding in the garlic as well as seasoning.
  13. By all means feel free to add in chopped parsley for colour.
  14. Once the mushrooms have developed a soft texture remove from the heat and place in a bowl.
  15. Once the second side is also a nice brown golden colour, turn down the heat.
  16. Use a digital thermometer (on the low heat) to gently bring the temperature of the chicken breast pieces to 55 – 65 degrees C.
  17. The skill is in the reaching of the temperature without over browning the exterior of the meat. The low heat helps to achieve this.
  18. Remove the chicken and let rest for about 5 minutes.
  19. Serve with the aioli sauce.
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